SPUTNIK will play the 11 p.m. set at The Living Room on Saturday, May 20th.

The "Meet Sputnik" CD can be heard on college stations across the country!
Reporting to  CMJ, KVMR-Nevada City, CA, SPUTNIK charted at #18. It's medium to heavy play.
WPKN -  Bridgeport, CT: Spinning heavily, charted at #10 with CMJ this week.
WHRW - Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY: Reported to CMJ.  Music Director expects it to chart right away.
WPRB - Princeton University, Princeton, NJ: In light rotation. Expects it to pick up and chart. "We like them a lot."
WKSR - Kent State University, Kent, OH: It's spinning heavily, charting at #10 this week. Reported to CMJ
KALX - UC at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA    "It's shows promise to do well."
WSND- University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN: Charted at #17 this week. "They are spinning Powerlines at Dawn."

SPUTNIK's self-titled debut is available at CD Baby, which is charting aross the country on college radio stations.

Our new song "THE JOSEPHINE" is featured on a compilation CD of NEW Indie Bands from around the country. The CD is put out by CMJ and Paris Blues clothing and will be distributed nationwide!